What is

Amateur Pool Player is a national tournament to crown the top amateur pool players. Players will start out competing for a spot in the national tournament by winning a regional qualifier throughout the US. The finalists of each of these qualifiers will come together to compete for the top 16 amateurs. The top 16 finalists will be housed by Amateur Pool Player as they are trained by professional pool players and instructors. The players will be trained in all disciplines of billiards from 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball, one pocket, straight pool, bank pool, beat the ghost, defensive, etc. The top two finalists in the house will compete for the national crown of Top Amateur Pool Player.

Why play in the Series?

As a top amateur pool player myself, I want to fill the gap between top local tournament players and professional billiards. is going to crown top amateurs based on their performance in regional qualifiers where they play for a spot in our national tournaments. was developed to showcase pool players at the amateur level but on a national stage. The ability to view top billiards on television has also become almost non existent. We are going to fill both of these gaps with a world class television production that brings true grit pool playing into homes around the world through a syndicated reality series. The series will follow these top amateurs through the final stages of their national title competition and capture the highs and unfortunately the lows of highly competitive billiards.

Meet the Team

Brian McBride - Executive Producer

Brian McBride is an accomplished billiard player, league operator and tournament director in the Florida area. Brian has been a top 5 finisher is many regional events throughout the Florida area. His latest accomplishment was finishing 3rd in the NAPA Nationals 8 Ball Masters/Grand Masters division this May. He also finished 9th in the US Amateurs event in 2012.

Brian is also a self employed software engineer having run his own development company for part and full time for over 10 years. Having worked with his wife in the technical aspects of her business for the past 11 years, he saw a great opportunity to bring their two worlds together in their cooperative venture

Nancy McBride - Producer

Nancy McBride is the owner of ReelKasting, LLC, which is a full casting service company. ReelKasting works with all budget levels to insure that production is successful.

This past year our company has worked with MTV and "Waves of Grace" feature film with Annika Marks. We helped in casting game shows, over 15 corporate videos and 40 infomercials that air on national networks and HSN. How can we make your production successful?

ReelKasting also produces Florida's Cast and Crew weekly newsletter that reaches over 2,000 adult actors, models, hosts and stunt personnel along with local crew. For no budget independent and student films, the company offers this service for free to post and to receive. This newsletter helps educate, as well as keeps Florida's cast and crew updated on things going on. This also helps when productions come in and need to find our local talent very quickly

Rob Sterrett - Director

Working on set for over two decades Robert’s production credits include "Donnie Darko", "Borat", and "Dolphin Tale". He worked on over 200 productions in Los Angeles while producing and directing music videos, commercials and feature films to continue his pursuit for the passion of filmmaking. His expertise encompasses production, film packaging, distribution contracts, script sales, film sales, motion picture funding, and talent attachment. He has produced seven feature films, three shot in Florida, and directed two features. Robert has been responsible for developing many companies within the business, from fundraising to distribution.

Robert resides on the advisory board of directors of the Gasparilla International Film Festival. He is one of the founding board members and co-chairs the Educational Panels. The festival, in its seventh year, was featured in the Top 25 film festivals in Moviemaker magazine.

Currently, Robert is working with students and graduates at the International Academy of Design and Technology to provide insight and an integration strategy to help pave their individual path into the creative industry. He is also developing several feature films, consulting for creative agencies, and delivering his latest feature to domestic and international distributors.

Sizzler Credits

Danny Caro - Editor

With an Associate’s in Graphic Design and in Computer Animation/Multimedia already under his belt, Danny chose to broaden his career path with video production. The growing popularity of visual effects in blockbuster movies were his fascination and inspiration for one day creating similar masterpieces.

A full-time graphic designer by day and student by night, Danny spent many sleepless nights learning, practicing and mastering the art behind the making of feature films. Well praised by instructors, classmates and clients, his work raised the bar and his passion was one for others to follow. While a student, Danny’s art has been featured in the school's ARTISTIK Magazine, he partnered with a friend and classmate to produce full-production projects, and interned at a local marketing and production company creating motion graphics marketing pieces that greatly impressed both his employer and client.

Today, with his Bachelors in Post Production, Danny works at a local TV news station, putting his tricks of the trade into practice. "Veni, Vidi, Vici", once spoken by the ambitious Julius Caesar, or for a more modern reference, Jay-Z- "I came, I saw, I conquered". This is the dedication that Danny lives by. Always looking for his next mountain to climb and climb it to the very top and to be successful in everything that he does.

CCI - Film

CCI is a complete and integrated production company offering all services in-house. Our facilities include: high definition, post-production and editing suites; an 1100 square foot studio; a duplication facility that can replicate most videotape formats and CDs and DVDs; a multimedia production suite for custom Power Point presentations, Web development & hosting and interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs; an audio production suite for multi-track recording, mix-to-pics and audio dialog replacement or ADR; and satellite and high band internet connectivity. CCI also has large inventory of production and presentation rental equipment.